Release of signac version 0.9.4

less than 1 minute read

We have released signac version 0.9.4 which – among other things – introduces a feature to import and export data spaces from various archival formats.

It is now possible to easily export a signac project workspace into a human-readable directory structure or into a zip- or tar-archive. Paths used for export can be auto-generated or specified by the user. For example:

$ signac export my-archive.tar.gz 'foo/{foo}/bar/{}'

Such exported data spaces can be immediately imported into a workspace.

$ signac import my-archive.tar.gz

The import of non-signac data spaces is also simplified with this update. Users can define a path-based schema or arbitrary schema-detection functions. For example:

$ signac import /data 'foo/{foo:int}/bar/{bar:float}

See the documentation for details.