Introducing signac-flow 0.6 and signac-docs

1 minute read

After a lot of hard work and incorporating lots of user feedback, we are proud to present:

Version 0.6 of signac-flow now uses the jinja2 templating system for the generation of execution and submission scripts, provides a new decorator-based API for the streamlined implementation of workflows, and various other improvements. Implementing workflows operating on signac data spaces is now easier than ever before! See here for more details on what’s new with version 0.6.

One of signac’s major strengths – its modularity – also led to documentation that was more scattered than we liked. New users were particularly prone to getting lost in between the documentation for the individual packages. Because of this, we created the unified signac-docs. The signac-docs provide a broad overview of the framework as a whole along with a general tutorial for users to familiarize themselves with using the various components of signac in concert. Additionally, the signac-docs also contain a collection of recipes, tips, and tricks that will be useful to both new and experienced users.

The documentation for the individual packages will remain in place, but they will be designated for more detailed descriptions of the individual components and less general introduction. Of course, use of the core signac data management facilities without recourse to the rest of the framework will always be supported and well-documented. To this end, we intend to remove workflow-related information from the core signac documentation, leaving such details entirely up to the user if they are not using signac-flow. The new signac-docs will cover new users aiming to immerse themselves in the entire signac framework. We will start a process of reducing the current redundancy in the upcoming weeks.

We would like to thank all users that participated in the signac focus group in May, which provided valuable guidance for the development for this update and the planning of future development work.